Why Is Stone Machinery Direct the Best Place to Find Used Stone Fabrication Equipment?

Entering a new business or expanding your current operation is expensive, especially if you are trying to do it with brand new machinery. Not only is there a premium on new machinery, but as with a brand new car, the steepest part of the depreciation curve starts the instant you peel the packaging material off your new purchase. Often, you can improve efficiency or bring in new processes at your shop by focusing on quality used stone equipment, instead of new.

Stone Machinery Direct offers both buyers and sellers the advantages of long experience in stone fabrication equipment. We know how to market the machines you no longer need to buyers ready to make their mark in the stone industry. What are our special skills? Read on.

We Know the Stone Business

There is no substitute for personal experience in the stone fabrication sector when you are trying to help others to buy and sell stone equipment. As a seller, you know that we understand the machine you want to find a home for – we’ve probably used it ourselves – and we know what you mean when you describe its condition. We can craft an honest, transparent, attractive notice of offer to our buyers from your information.

At the same time, we have the knowledge and background to interpret a buyer’s requirements and specifications, guiding them to the stone processing equipment that is going to produce the biggest benefit for their growing shop. We can discuss in detail every aspect of the equipment you are thinking of buying, and provide advice if you want it.

We Can Find the Right Stone Equipment for You

At Stone Machinery Direct, our mission is not to cater to either buyers or sellers alone. We are here to connect both sides of honest transactions: both the supplier and the client for the stone fabrication machinery. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, chances are we can help find it for you. We can do that because our stone industry expertise has allowed us to build a huge network of contacts. We know the buyers, we know the sellers – and we can put you together and help make a deal.

We Help with Machine Financing

Stone Machinery Direct aims to save you time and aggravation by helping with every aspect of your stone equipment purchase. Not only can we locate appropriate machinery, we can assist you with getting the most competitive financing rates to bring that equipment in-house fast. We keep track of where the best deals can be found so you don’t have to.

We Consult on Installation and Production Challenges

We know what it’s like to follow every step of the instruction manual, fire up a stone fabrication machine and – nothing. Or, equally frustrating, to power up the machine, but not be able to dial it in to make the quality product you bought it for. Stone Machinery Direct has arrangements to consult with you to overcome set-up and production challenges. You can take advantage of our background and experience to help you get over the hump. And if we can’t help you for some reason, we connect you with a consultant with more specialized knowledge of the issue at hand. We will never you high and dry with a piece of stone equipment purchased through Stone Machinery Direct.


Our sales force and consulting engineers know that your success is our success. We will make every effort to make sure that you are so happy with the service at Stone Machinery Direct that you are determined that your next used stone equipment purchase (or sale) will also be through us. Contact a Stone Machinery Direct representative today to talk through what you need and how we can help you.