What is a Stone Edge Polisher?

When it comes to getting the right type of flat edges, stone edge polishing machines are what you need. But why do you need these sort of polishers? Also, what is a stone edge polisher?

A stone edge polisher takes grinders to any side of your stone to create a straight edge. With quality edges, you can easily install countertops or create beveling to give that rounded appearance. 

For those who offer a wide range of kitchen design options, a straight edge polisher is a necessity. Below, we will delve into how stone edge polishers work, how much they usually cost, and what you can use them for in your shop. 

What Do You Use A Stone Edge Polisher For?

A stone edge polisher is an industrial grade piece of equipment that uses polishing spindles. Typically, you see the effects of your polishing through a double bevel on two edges. As a result, the bevel smooths the edges on two ends, giving it a more relatable countertop work. 

The slight rounding you see on a stone surface comes from a stone edge polisher, sometimes called horizontal edge polisher. So, an edge polisher is a common piece you see in any stone fabrication factory. 

How Do You Use Stone Edge Polishers?

When it comes to machinery for stone fabricators, polishers are much like most automated machines. Typically, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Measure the width of the stone piece 
  2. Place the stone piece on one end of the machine 
  3. Activate the machine using a touchscreen or push-button device
  4. Nudge the piece until it is fed into the spindles 

If it is flat piece on all sides, you will typically spin until all four edges are beveled. The beveling settings depends on your desire from the piece. However, you’ll want to reference your owner’s manual for detailed instructions. 

If the two are offset, you’ll want to measure the part of the stone that goes over the spindles. You will then put these measurements into the program to ensure you have the right convex edges. 

Using a stone edge polishing machine is typically one of the last steps you will take. 

How Much Does it Cost To Get An Automatic Edge Polisher for Stone?

 A stone edge polishing machine can cost anywhere from $2 to $30 thousand. The cost of this machine varies heavily upon two factors:

  • Age of the machine
  • The abilities of the machine

With used machines, you’ll almost always see an incredible drop in price. However, most of the value in a good edge polisher comes from the spindles. So if the spindles are still in regular use, you might be able to save yourself some money and get those replaced instead. 

Some edge polishing machines are also only rated for specific features. For example, a thin beveller (edge polisher) is going to be cheaper than a thick one. 

You’ll also see more expensive polishers in the event that they hold up a vertical piece. Vertical edge polishers save space in the factory, but will require you to get stone lifters and manipulators to rotate the piece. 

Final Thoughts

For final touches on stone countertops and other less expensive projects that don’t require CNC machines, Stone edge polishers can enable you to finish entire kitchens overnight. If you need to save money by getting a solid edge polisher, check out Stone Machinery Direct. 

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