Should I Buy New or Used Stone Machinery?

Replacing your old machinery with newer models is an inevitable part of running your business. It is because you overuse your machinery does it stop being productive. Purchasing and replacing equipment is expensive; therefore, business owners often choose to repair old machinery.

Frequent repairs can hamper productivity, increase maintenance costs, and delay work progress. To ensure long-term cost and time efficiency, installing new equipment is a wise choice. Moreover, tech advancements and upgraded versions offer quicker results, reduce manpower, and guarantee longevity.

But when buying new machinery, you need to count on various aspects, such as pricing, on-site training, retailing, and deploying a plan. In this article, we discuss how these factors can impact your purchasing decision and why you should choose new stone machinery:

When is it Time to Install More Stone Machinery in Your Factory?

As a business owner, you’ll know when it’s time to add stone machinery and equipment.

However, if you notice the following signs, it’s time to install additional stone machinery in your factory:

  • You’re unable to meet production demands despite running maximum shifts
  • Your customer wait time is getting longer, leading to customer’s shifting to your competitors
  • Your processes and machinery is performing well, but you’re still unable to fulfill production demands
  • You’ve got the space and budget to install new stone machinery within your industry

When Should You Replace Old Stone Machinery and Equipment?

Often overused and worn out machinery takes a toll on the efficiency and reliability of your machinery and equipment.

Knowing the right time to replace old stone machinery can help you meet production obligations, complete work faster, and reduce injuries. Here are a couple of things that indicate your factory needs new stone machinery and equipment:

  • The machine is manual, which can lead to injuries and mistakes
  • You know that you can increase efficiency in your factory or industry by installing semi-automatic or fully automated stone machinery
  • Machine replacement parts are difficult to acquire, and you cannot DIY them
  • Newer technology can help you accomplish the same task more efficiently
  • Your product mix is evolving, and your current machinery does not meet the requirements
  • The machine fails to meet new safety or environmental waste standards, and you can’t upgrade it
  • Your current stone machinery has high maintenance demands, whereas newer models are cheaper and more productive
  • The machinery eats up a lot of energy, whereas newer stone equipment and machinery is more efficient

New Vs. Used Stone Machinery- What’s the Right Decision?

Deciding to buy stone machinery to expand your production capacity is only the first step to installing the machinery.

After this comes the difficult question of: should I buy new or used stone machinery? This question primarily depends on your budget and how making a purchase will affect your plant’s profitability.

Your accountant will help you work through your financial issues involved in buying new vs. old stone machinery by asking:

  • What is your budget, and how much can you afford to spend upfront?
  • What are the effects of interest payments if you plan to finance the purchase?
  • Do you expect to generate revenue with used or new equipment?
  • What warranty can you enjoy on new or used machinery?

 Additionally, you need to consider the following things while keeping the vision of your company in mind:

  • Availability of the machine and what features and specifications you need
  • How early do you need the equipment and what is its delivery time
  • How long do you plan on using your new stone equipment
  • Have you evaluated the quality of a new and used stone machinery
  • What is your company’s brand, niche, and reputation

Are There Any Benefits of Choosing Old Stone Machinery?

Let’s take a closer look at the top perks of choosing old stone machinery:

  • Purchasing used stone machinery costs you less. In fact, in some cases, you can buy multiple stone machinery for the price of a brand new equipment
  • Used machinery helps you avoid higher depreciation. Plus, since it doesn’t depreciate as quickly, your equipment holds its value for longer
  • With used stone equipment, you can pay lower insurance premiums

To Sum it Up

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before making your final stone machinery purchase. Furthermore, this decision requires a lot of planning.

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