How to Sell Stone Machinery Easily (Tips and Tricks)

How to Sell Stone Machinery Easily (Tips and Tricks)

When it comes to making a sale, you won’t be able to turn your stone equipment around in a matter of seconds without the right mentality. People are always skeptical, which is within their right, so you’ve got to do some things to overcome them. So, how do you sell stone machinery?

After you’ve confirmed the machine works, you can work towards cleaning it until it looks like new. Follow this up by taking some high-quality pictures of the machine. When you upload those pictures, make sure that you don’t have a lot of background clutter.

In the rest of this article, we plan on going through some of the different ways you can make a quick sale. If you want to get rid of your excess stone machines, keep reading.

Five Tips You Need To Follow To Increase Your Chance of Selling Stone Equipment

Businesses all over want to sell their used stock to get the latest model. This situation applies to those who work with granite, marble, blocks, or any form of stone—their priorities including saving time, money and getting something that will last a while. 

The problem is that regardless of how good your business is at maintaining their machines, you need to prove that in the used sector. If you have a used block cutter machine for sale, saying “it’s good” isn’t enough. 

Here are some tips to help you out with the sale:

Detail-Clean Your Machine

A light cleaning can be great for making sure that your stone machine is pretty, but that won’t be enough. Instead, your goal is going to clean it like it is new. This cleaning includes getting in all the crevices to ensure that this model is ready for the showroom floor. 

You want your used item to seem new. That makes it more attractive, granting an extra point to you to address the buyer’s concern with attention to detail. Buyers who see a dirty machine might try and undercut you, citing problems with the integrity of the machine’s condition. 

Gather Your Maintenance History

All good businesses know that part of selling any machinery involves showing them you’ve taken care of it. You should do this through more than just a squeaky clean appearance. 

Be willing to show prospective buyers a complete history of work. Regular maintenance indicates that you’ve taken care of your machines. If you’ve replaced parts, be sure to have those receipts available. Those may be a good argument for you having an above-average price.

Take a Video of the Machine in Action

While you can’t understate the usefulness of a good picture, a video helps you stand out among the crowd. This video also confirms the buyer’s desire of wanting to find out if the machine is working or not. With a video, you can address many of their concerns upfront. 

A video may secure a sale, so be sure that there’s no distracting background clutter. If you don’t have a decent camera, see if you cannot borrow one from a friend. Both Android and iOS phones have simple editing software if you need to cut things out.

Perform a Full Inspection on the Machine

You don’t want to sell something to someone else, only to find out that there’s a busted part in it. The broken part of your machine. could cause you to have a disgruntled buyer.

Before you sell anything, be sure that it goes through a full inspection. Remove anything old or rusted and replace it if necessary. Newly replaced parts can also help you find reasoning to increase the price. 

Be a Good Neighbor – Help Them Load It

If you’ve ever bought a big screen TV and had the old owner awkwardly watch you lift it into your truck without offering to help, it leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth after that.

However, offering to help the buyer load it up on shipping truck and trailer is a sign of goodwill. Regardless of the type of machine, goodwill gestures like this will endear you to the other party. 

Bonus Tip: Always Mention Extra Parts

Selling items at an affordable price is an excellent way to attract people. However, telling these it comes with something extra might change their buying trepidations. The idea behind “bonus items” being included as part of the deal appeals to anyone who makes a purchase. 

You can choose to include the cost as part of the overall package, so you don’t end up losing money. Just make sure that you indicate how having the extra parts can help the buyer out. People are always looking for complete and long-lasting deals. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you have a granite processing machine, and stone cutting machine, or any other types of equipment, it’s best if you know how to push that sale. It doesn’t help you to have excess equipment collecting dust in your storage. If it happens to be off-site, the cost of storage is a frustrating experience.

To ensure your sales process goes off without any problems, contact Stone Machinery Direct for all of your sales needs. We take many of these challenges out of your hands. Our team can market your equipment to all of North America.