Do I Need a Transformer When Buying Used Stone Equipment?

The majority of power plants and industrial plants install transformers to operate heavy equipment. But have you wondered why it’s such a popular option?

Transformers are versatile and highly efficient electrical devices found in factories, industries, and even homes. They maintain the voltage level for the required amount of current in a circuit. It means transformers can increase and decrease voltage without altering the frequency to mitigate risks of short-circuiting. Therefore, if you’re planning to purchase used stone machinery and equipment, a transformer is essential.

They continuously supply electricity and minimize the risk of fluctuating voltage, to maintain the optimal health of your appliances. Thus, transformers increase the safety and efficiency of electrical equipment while cutting down the utility cost. Here, we talk about the benefits of installing a transformer and how you can make the right choice:

Why Do You Need a Transformer?

Often machinery and appliances get damaged because of electrical overload. To prevent this, factories install transformers with protective relays. This helps protect your overall power system.

Transformers are popular in power plants, industrial plants, and traditional electric utility companies because they can transmit and distribute equal electrical power. Typically, engineers install transformers to control heavy power supply.

Transformers can help increase voltage, i.e., step-up transformers, or decrease voltage, i.e., step-down transformer. Let’s take a quick glance at the advantages of using a transformer in your facility:

  • This cutting-edge tech helps control and stabilize voltage transmission
  • It does not require any starting time
  • This highly-efficient machinery does not require extensive maintenance or capital investment
  • There are no moving parts in a transformer. Thus there is less loss of energy
  • It requires little to no monitoring

Installing a transformer in your power plant helps you run your stone machinery efficiently. In addition, since it requires less maintenance and ensures less energy loss, you can use it to save significant costs.

If you’re planning to buy used stone equipment, you should also consider investing in a transformer. This way, you can cut down costs in the future.

What Things Should You Consider Before Buying a Transformer

Transformers are available in an array of shapes, sizes, and features. Thus, before you make your final purchase, you need to consider key elements of the transformer. Here we discuss some of its essential features:


The kVA refers to the exact load requirement your transformer needs to fulfill. Make sure you consider the types and the size of the load before choosing a transformer.

The kVA rating of your transformer helps ensure you buy a transformer with enough voltage to run your stone equipment. Consider purchasing a transformer with a larger size to reduce the risks of overload.


The primary function of your transformer is to increase or decrease the voltage of the main power supply. Furthermore, transformers have a custom-design that provides various voltages to accommodate your machinery’s requirements.

Thus, you need to consider the voltage of the main supply. It is because the input voltage of your transformer depends on the main power supply while the output voltage depends on your requirement.

Making an informed choice helps you run your stone equipment efficiently while cutting down energy losses.

Number of Phases

Transformers are typically available as single-phase or three-phase machinery. However, the number of phases varies depending on your requirement and the size of the facility.

For instance, small houses and apartments require a single-phase transformer as they work well with small household appliances. On the flip side, factories, power plants, and industries use three-phase transformers to operate heavy equipment.


Industries employ transformers for a wide variety of reasons, meaning you can find a diverse range of transformers on the market. It makes purchasing the ideal transformer a challenging task.

Make the right choice by finding a transformer to help you operate your used stone equipment and machinery.


Some factories use transformers to alter the frequency of the voltage supply. It is conducive when using foreign equipment designed to work with main power supplies with different frequencies.

For instance, the frequency of the primarysupply voltage in the U.S. is 60 Hz, whereas it’s 50 Hz in the U.K. Thus, to operate used stone equipment from the U.K., you’ll have to install a transformer.


Lastly, you need to consider the location and size of your transformer.

Transformers are available in various designs, and some work better in specific locations: indoors or outdoors.

So, before you purchase one, make sure your desired transformer can endure the environmental impact.

The Bottom Line

Are you still unsure of which transformer would best suit your used stone equipment? Well, all you have to do is venture onto Stone Machinery Direct’s website to make the right decision.

Talk to our professionals who can guide you on different transformers and their compatibility with used store equipment. We can recommend you the one that best meets your needs and budget.


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