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Are you considering putting up your machinery for sale?

Using only traditional methods might not get you the price or profit you’re expecting. You must have surefire ways to ensure that your machinery reaches the potential buyers. If you’re not a pro in selling equipment or don’t have any prior experience in the filed, it is always better to seek the assistance of professionals.

Count on Stone Machinery Direct for selling any stone equipment. We have a team of experts that specializes marketing and selling process by using the right techniques. Regardless of the type of stone equipment you want to sell, our team of pro specialists makes sure that it gets the right amount of exposure.

Our specialists master the marketing domain and have exceptional knowledge of techniques to promote the product. Using effective marketing skills, our team employs the strategy that works the best for your stone equipment.

From making engaging descriptions to creating marketing tactics, our sales team makes sure that you put your best foot forward to impress your buyers. With us, you can get your stone equipment in front of potential buyers.

We make stone equipment selling incredibly simple. All you need is to fill out the given form below to get in touch with our pro specialist to learn how to market your stone equipment for sale.

We Buy and Consign Stone Machinery!


  • We know you have more important things to focus on. Don’t put your time and effort into selling your stone equipment yourself. Allow our expert crew to connect you with the right buyer.
  • We are experts in getting shipping quotes for buyers and managing finances.
  • Have our team on board to create engaging descriptions for your stone equipment or machinery. It is a proven way to highlight the defining features of your stone equipment.
  • Rely on us for the effective promotion of your machinery and get connected with many potential buyers.
  • Our pros can help potential buyers understand why your glass machinery is the right choice to boost the business.
  • We take care of the shipment of all your machines to their destination regardless of where it is in North America.
  • Hiring us is super affordable. Pay a small commission and get the job done.

Direct Purchase Program

  • We pay cash for your stone equipment. The cash offer depends on the type of the machine you’re selling
  • Selling to us means there is no waiting for a long consignment transaction
  • Fast, hassle-free, and painless transaction


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