Thin Stone Veneer Equipment

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Stone has been a popular building material since the first man stacked a few rocks on top of each other and called it a hearth. In the thousands of years since then, a lot of improvements have been made – and if you’re browsing this section for pre-owned equipment from Stone Machinery Direct, you know that thin stone veneer is one of those improvements. Lighter weight and predictable shapes make stone and brick veneer realistic products for a broader range of architectural applications, and to serve that growing market, you need the right stone veneer saw.

Stone veneer saws can handle stone and brick, making accurate, repeatable cuts that create both flats and corners. Machine types range from single-pass machines with out-and-back conveyors, with an operator stationed at each end, to carousel-type saws that eliminate the need for a second operator, to multi-blade machines that can make a corner in one pass. Varying levels of automation are available to suit your factory’s production volume and capital budget. A good, used stone veneer saw can start contributing to your bottom line on Day One, freeing up technicians for other work, and expanding your marketing reach. Contact Stone Machinery Direct today for assistance in identifying the right stone processing machinery for your shop!

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