Stone Splitters

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Stone splitters are built tough because they have a tough job: rough chunking boulders into cobbles, pavers, or other sizes of stones for a rustic look in stone walls, walks, and hearths, or in preparation for fine veneer sawing. Splitters can also produce natural-finish veneer stones that are ready-to-use in any architectural or decorative setting.

Stone splitters are available at a number of technology price points, from smaller, manual splitters that can accommodate smaller stone pieces (roughly 12-18 inches), to mammoth splitters that can split a 4-by-6-foot boulder weighing 10 tons. Within each category, you can find varying levels of machine-assist automation, such as conveyor belts, laser positioning systems, and automatic splitter blade control. Some splitters are portable, allowing you to split stone as needed, directly on a job site

Because stone machinery is built for the long haul, used equipment is a sensible way to conserve capital and grow your business. If you don’t see the exact machine you think you need, contact a Stone Machinery Direct sales engineer today for help with locating, financing and set-up support for a stone splitter that fits your operation perfectly.

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