Slab Polisher

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Slab polishers are used to give a pleasing, high-quality finish on marble, granite, and other natural or engineered stone materials. As with all stone processing machinery, the emphasis in slab polishers is on long-lasting, heavy-duty, capable equipment. You don’t have to buy a new slab polisher to upgrade your shop’s capabilities: Stone Machinery Direct can connect you with sellers of the full range of equipment, from single-head polishers with manual load/unload to fully automatic slab polishing lines with slab loading and unloading manipulators, multiple-head polishing stations, automatic grit or diamond polishing head changeover, and fully-automated, user-selectable, computer-controlled polishing patterns and programs. By letting a Stone Machinery Direct representative help you spec out the machine you want, you stand to get a better return on your investment, getting more features for your money with a proven, pre-owned machine.

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