Radial Arm & Multitaskers

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Radial Arm Multitaskers are a great solution for the lower volume finished stone product fabrication shop. Depending on the model, they can be used to edge and polish large slabs, and to cut and rout shapes. These machines consist of just what their name implies: a heavy-duty base and column with a long, cantilevered arm that holds the tool head, which is manipulated by the operator. Beyond those simple basics. The work platform and reach of radial arm multitaskers can vary from a flat spot on the floor, where very large slabs can be processed using the smooth action of the radial arm to access any spot within a radius of up to ten feet or even more, to models of more modest size with a raised work table / conveyor set-up. The operator can initiate or cut off water flow, change tools, and guide the active tool to the right spot on the slab. A Radial Arm Multitasker can do what you need done – and because of its flexible nature, it doesn’t take up much space. Contact your Stone Machinery Direct representative to make a bid on one of the machines in this category, or for advice on the best machine option for your situation. Let us help you grow your business with quality used stone

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