Quarry Block Saws

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Different categories of saws capable of cutting stone have no fixed boundaries, with one category shading into another depending on the size and location of the starting material. Stone Machinery Direct places the enormous blade, chain, and diamond wire saws that remove blocks of stone from their geological formations as Quarry Machinery. Once you have a block of stone, whatever its size, that’s a Block Saw. Quarry block saws may be set up on site at a quarry, to slab the stone before it ever leaves the site, or they may be located at the stone fabrication center, where slabs can be immediately sent for further processing into final products. Circular blade block saws vary from smaller, largely manual chop saws to gigantic bridge saws capable of a five-foot deep cut and 20 or 30 feet of travel, with CNC control. Other, less common types of block saws are also available, such as reciprocating single-blade saws, or large-scale reciprocating gang saws. Browse Stone Machinery Direct’s Quarry Block Saw listings to find a high-quality used stone saw that can give you years of heavy-duty service at an affordable price. Don’t see what you need? Contact a member of our sales team for assistance!

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