Edge Polishing Machines

Experienced stone architectural and design product manufacturers know that an automated beveling and polishing machine is worth its weight in gold. It allows a dramatic increase in product throughput, due to minimized handling of cut and sized stone slabs, while potentially performing multiple operations on a piece, and the consistently high quality of the machine-controlled process. Edge beveling and polishing machines for stone products are similar in concept to those used for glass, but built to handle the extra weight of stone. That means that models are available in both horizontal and vertical formats, and at a variety of levels of automation. For maximum flexibility in a small shop, you may not need automatic loading or tool changeout. But for high volumes of similar products, you may be looking to squeeze every second you can out of your edging and polishing time, and a computer-controlled, full-featured machine may be what you need. But when you are looking for the maximum in capability, the price goes up accordingly. That’s where used equipment from Stone Machinery Direct can really make a difference. For the same amount of money spent on a brand new polisher/beveler with fewer options, you can get a used machine with more capabilities that will really make a difference to your bottom line. Browse our available pre-owned stone edging equipment and make an offer on a machine that has the features you need, or contact us for help in locating the perfect machine for your factory.

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