Digital Templating Equipment

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It is no exaggeration to say that digital templating equipment is revolutionizing the design and installation of interior stone use for countertops, vanities, hearths and more. Work that took a couple of hours to template in luan takes half the time or less to measure and prepare using laser or mechanical templating. The cost savings are everywhere: labor expense, material for manual templates, right down to eliminating the need for a vehicle big enough to haul the templates around.  But that’s only the beginning: digital templating for stonework allows you to quickly and easily lay the proposed design out on specific slabs and show the customer what it will look like – producing real savings in getting customer buy-in to exactly what the finished installation will look like. The numerical information on the slab layout can be transferred directly to the CNC cutting machine, if you are using one, or can be translated back to a vinyl template cutout for use with manual bridge saws. The payoff from switching to digital templating equipment is fast. It’s even faster when you choose quality pre-owned equipment. Not sure which system is best for you? A Stone Machinery Direct representative can help you select the right combination of options. Stay competitive by getting onboard with digital templating equipment. You will never regret it.

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