CNC Machining Centers

For both economic and quality-of-work-life reasons, successful stone processing businesses continue their move away from manually operated machines, emphasizing CNC machining centers whenever possible. In the stone industry, physically demanding and potentially dangerous tasks like lifting, holding and guiding stones to be sawed, split, sized, cut, edged, or polished can be offloaded to capable precision machines under computer control, with as much or as little automation as you need. CNC machining centers can make both your workers and your bottom line happier – and nothing benefits your bottom line more than the smart decision to invest in used CNC machining centers from Stone Machinery Direct. Our engineers can review your wants and needs and help you lay out your requirements, then connect you with a willing seller of an affordable CNC machine that bypasses the depreciation phase suffered by new equipment, and gets right to work turning out your product. Contact Stone Machinery Direct by phone, or using our convenient email form

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