CNC Jetsaws

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Waterjet cutting machines are becoming a go-to solution for almost any material you might want to cut. Having a CNC waterjet cutter available is a huge advantage in the custom stonework business. Need to cut granite that is six inches thick? No problem. Need to cut intricate inlay patterns for a natural stone floor? Program your CNC waterjet saw, and you will soon be churning out perfectly matched pieces that can be laid in with the perfect fit and finish your customers expect. There is only one thing that might make you think twice about a brand-new waterjet cutter: the price. They are expensive. That’s where Stone Machinery Direct can help you out. We offer used CNC waterjet cutting machines with an eye to the needs of the stone products industry. When you buy a used waterjet saw through Stone Machinery Direct, you are getting an affordable solution that will make your shop more productive. Every machine we offer is fully described as to condition, history and origin. When you buy a waterjet saw through Stone Machinery Direct, you know you have a solid partner to help you find the right machine and get good financing for it.

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