CNC Bridge Saws

CNC bridge saws are the workhorses of high-volume stone product production operations. Every slab has to be cut to the final product size, as quickly and as accurately as possible. A computer-controlled bridge saw will have five axes of motion, between tilt, rotation and X-Y-Z motion. It may have one head or two, controlled together or independently. Can be used for straight cuts, angled cuts, custom cut-outs, and a variety of slab thicknesses. Adding loading/unloading capability minimized the need for operators to constantly intervene in a process that the machine can be designed to do faster on its own, without wearing out anyone’s back.

There is a range of bridge saws and features from fully manual all the way up to fully-automated CNC models. The boundary between the “Bridge Saw” and “CNC Bridge Saw” categories is not a bright line, so if you don’t see a pre-owned circular blade stone cutting machine with the features you are looking for in this section, be sure to browse the “CNC Bridge Saws” section as well. Or better yet, talk your requirements over with a Stone Machinery Direct sales engineer. With our extensive experience and network of stone machinery industry contacts, we can get you connected with a seller of exactly the machine you want, for an affordable price.

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