Bridge Saws

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The bridge saw is an essential player in cutting or trimming a slab to the final dimensions of a natural or engineered stone product. Big or small, manual or automated, every shop needs one. In this product category, Stone Machinery Direct highlights machinery on the lower end of the automation scale. These are circular blade saws, often with a fixed bridge having one axis of travel (plus vertical and angular (tilt) adjustment). Loading and positioning of the slab is a manual operation, which may be assisted by a pneumatically driven tilt table.

There is a range of bridge saws and features from fully manual all the way up to fully-automated CNC models. The boundary between the “Bridge Saw” and “CNC Bridge Saw” categories is not a bright line, so if you don’t see a pre-owned circular blade stone cutting machine with the features you are looking for in this section, be sure to browse the “CNC Bridge Saws” section as well. Or better yet, talk your requirements over with a Stone Machinery Direct sales engineer. With our extensive experience and network of stone machinery industry contacts, we can get you connected with a seller of exactly the machine you want, for an affordable price.

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